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“Hare Orca” Store

In our store you will find diving articles such as masks, fins and wetsuits, surf accessories, fishing articles, handmade jewelry and a variety of Orca Diving Center souvenirs, like T-Shirts, hats, towels, and others.

You can also find here the book and the DVD “The Underwater World of Easter Island”, written and filmed by Orca Diving Center, where you can see and learn about the submarine landscapes and endemic species of the Island. Both are available in English, Spanish and French, and the DVD also in Japanese.

Orca Souvenirs Prices:
T-Shirt ORCA Diving center: Ch$12.000.-
Hats ORCA Diving center: Ch$7.000.-
Beach Towel ORCA Diving center: Ch$12.000.-
DVD “The Underwater World…”: Ch$10.000.-
Book “The Underwater World…”: Ch$5.000.-

Equipment Rental
You can rent Snorkeling, Surf or Bodyboard equipment or reserve dives and boat tour services in our Store.
Equipment Rental Prices:
Surf Board: Ch$15.000.- 1-4hrs
Body Board: Ch$10.000.- 1-4hrs (includes fins)
Snorkeling equipment: Ch$10.000.- 1-8hrs (Includes fins, mask & snorkel)

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