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Boat Tour and Snorkeling


We have for you an unforgettable boat tour to the Islets Motu Nui, Motu Iti & Motu Kao Kao, place where the ancient Tangata Manu (birdman) competition took place.

Starting at Hanga Roa’s bay, first you’ll see the city from the sea and the ceremonial center Tahai. In our way to the islets you’ll see the caverns at Mataveri and the Kari Kari’s cliffs. Finally, we’ll get to the three Motus, outstanding and surrounded by the deep blue ocean. Here’s where you’ll be able, for those who want to, to swim and do snorkeling in the clearest waters of the Pacific Ocean.
You will discover a colossal volcanic landscape, where everything is covered by corals and decorated with tropical fishes, and which softly misses in the abyss.

We do this tour preferably in the afternoon and we invite you to book for it 1 or 2 days before.
Duration:       1.30-2.00 hrs.
Price:              Ch$25.000 per person.
It includes the snorkeling equipment (-50% children under 12)


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