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Orca – Cousteau Divers


ORCA DIVING CENTER celebrates its 33rd anniversary receiving the norm “Cousteau Divers”

COUSTEAU DIVERS is a new international instance created by Pierre Yves Cousteau, son of the famous Maj. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, which pretends to reward those diving centers that teach about the marine environment and take care of it for future generations.

We remind you that Mr. Henri Garcia arrived to the Island in 1976 in the expedition of Jaques Y. Cousteau, and at the end of 1979, with his brother Michel, they created the ORCA Soc., whose building is located at Hanga Roa’s Bay, and since 1980 they started an exceptional trajectory.

At the same time they do tourism activities in the dive center and the submarine works for ENAP attending the Petroleum Ship that supplies the Island, the Garcia brothers, through these 33 years, have done many relevant activities such as:


Expeditions to Sala y Gomez (Motu Motiro Hiva) + Documentary; Scientific advises for many national and international Universities; Publishing submarine photo registers in national and international press to show to the world the underwater ecosystem in Rapa Nui; Publishing and editing the book and DVD “The Underwater World of Easter Island”; Documentaries for many TV channels; Discover new species of marine flora and fauna in Easter Island; In 2012, with the Armada de Chile, Orca guided and filmed underwater the expedition to Motu Motiro Hiva of National Geographic; Activate the creation of a marine reserve in Hanga Roa.


In this picture you can appreciate the Flag of Cousteau Divers, which rewards this long and remarkable trajectory with the permanent team of ORCA DIVING CENTER: From left to right: Mr. Loti Garcia – Ms. Catalina Pavez – Mr. Henri Garcia – Mr. Christian Saavedra.

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