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Eastern Island Map

Easter Island is a triangle of 26 km by 17 km and 14 km, and the sea floor of the three coasts is very different and variable. The North Coast has numerous coral formations on sandy bottom. Anakena beaches and Ovahe Anakena beaches and Ovahe  are appropriate for the practice of snorkeling. The East Coast, more exposed to the winds and waves, is the alternative area for diving when the wind blows north. Found along its 26 Km endless lava fields adorned with little coral. The West coast, where the town of Hanga Roa, is the most attractive for the practice of scuba diving because it has a huge undersea covered by numerous coral formations.
In the map, we highlight the most relevant places as Tautara Motu cavernsTautara Motu caverns , cliffs of the islets of Motu NuiMotu Nui , Motu ItiMotu Nui  and Motu Kao KaoMotu Kao Kao  and low Omohi Tepeu Omohi Tepeu and not forgetting corals bays Hanga RoaHanga Roa of LaperouseLaperouse.

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