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Our History

ORCA DIVING CENTER began its activities in 1980. It was founded by two French brothers, Henri & Michel Garcia. Since then it has been the main and oldest diving center in Easter Island.
Henri arrived in 1976 working as a diver on an expedition of the Maj. Jacques Yves Cousteau. At the end of the expedition, he decided to stay… and then Michel came, in 1978 to work with him.


Since then, they have worked and participated in many documentaries and expeditions, and they have cooperated in many scientific investigations worldwide. They discovered new species of coral, fishes and mollusks, such as the Cribrarula Garciai.
Through ORCA DIVING CENTER, they published the book “The Underwater World of Easter Island” and filmed the DVD of the same name.
Today we are part of Cousteau Divers, the first South American diving center with this distinction because of our trajectory protecting the local underwater ecosystem.


Nowadays, we count with an equipment of very experienced divers, who will provide you all the information you need to practice this activity and will guide you through the beauties of the underwater Easter Island.

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