Adventure Dive | Orca Expediciones

Aventure Dive


This dive is directed to certified divers.
You can visit the colossal big blue, caverns, walls, corals and endemic fishes in a scenery of very different dives.
It includes all the equipment, 1 tank, and 1 guide every 5 divers.

Price:  Ch$40.000.- Per Dive/1 Tank (Packages from 3 dives up).



Night Dive


This dive is also directed to certified and experienced divers.
You can discover the unknown nightlife of the underwater fauna of the Island.
It includes all the equipment.

Price: Ch$40.000.- Per Dive/ 1 Tank.


DIVING PACKAGES for certified divers (Per person).

2 x Dives   Ch$75.000
3 x Dives   Ch$110.000
5 x Dives   Ch$170.000
10 x Dives  Ch$330.000

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